2018 Midterm Elections

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Are you ready? 

Plank 2 of MBA's Midterm Action Plan is all about Voter Education. We want to make sure you have everything you need to know all in one place to be ready. 

Voter Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 10th

In Missouri you must be registered to vote in the correct County by the 4th Wednesday before the election. 

Are you registered? Check here.

Need to register? Click here to apply.

If you have moved out of the County you used to live in, you must re-register in your new County by October 10. If you moved, but stayed within the same County, you can change you address on Election Day at the polling place. 

*Remember, it's very important that the Election Board has your updated information. At each polling place, there only a certain set of ballots that contain specific candidates and issues that are only relevant for that area. A ballot in Ballwin will look different than a ballot in Florissant - the mayors are different, the school districts are different, etc. 

Do you know where to go vote? Enter your address here.

What's on your ballot? Who's running? Detailed information can be found here after you enter your address.

Voting Absentee in Missouri (voting before Election Day)

According to Missouri Election Law, voters have the opportunity to vote before Election Day if they are unable to make it to the polls for specific reasons. Those reasons and all other absentee information can be found at the Missouri Secretary of State's Website here.

Common reasons are: being absent from the County you live in on Election Day, religious purposes, sickness, etc. If you are a college student who is registered to vote but will be on campus on Election Day, you can have an "Absentee" ballot mailed to your college address!

Here is the general process for voting absentee. However, your very first step is figuring out which Election Board you must send your information to. The Secretary of State has all Election Boards and their addresses on their website here.

  1. Download and fill out this application to receive an Absentee Ballot from the Secretary of State's website
  2. Print it out and either mail it or fax it to your Election Board (you can put down a different address to have the ballot mailed to you than the one you are registered at)
    • The deadline to send in this application is 5pm the Wednesday prior to the election (October 31)
  3. Once the application has been received and processed, you will be mailed a ballot and an envelope. Fill out the ballot, seal it in the envelope and sign the envelope. 
  4. You MUST have the envelope notarized before sending it back to the Election Board. You can receive notary services from some banks, libraries, DMVs etc. You can find the closest notary service to you here.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, your Absentee ballot will be part of the first batch of ballots that are tabulated after the polls close on Election Day

You can also vote absentee in person at your Election Board starting September 25 all the way until the day before the Election at 5pm. 

What ID should you bring with you to the polls?

In Missouri, there are certain Photo ID standards we must adhere to. In general, there are 3 different "options" of IDs you can bring with you to the polling place. 

Option 1: Government Issued Photo IDs
These include a current Missouri Driver's/Non-driver's license, US Passport, Military/Federal ID

Option 2: Other valid ID
These include: Voter ID card, Election Notice, current utility bill, bank statement, government/payroll check, in-state college/university ID, etc. 

Option 3: No ID
If you come to the polling place with no ID, you will still be allowed to vote if you are a registered voter. After you confirm your address to the poll workers, you will be allowed to vote provisionally. This means that you will receive a regular paper ballot, but you will put that paper ballot into what's called a "Blue Provisional Envelope".

The envelope will remain sealed after you place the ballot in and will only be opened and processed when it's returned to the Election Board the night of the election. If your envelope passes verification procedures, your ballot will be taken out and processed. If it does not, the reason why will be logged. Make sure you receive the tear-off tab that comes with the envelope - it has a PIN on it. 2 weeks after the election you can enter that PIN on your Election Board's website or call it in and you can see if your ballot was cast or not. 

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