Absentee Voting is OPEN for the April 2 Election

Can you not make it to the polls on Election Day, April 2? You can vote early by voting absentee. All of the information you need about absentee voting can be found on the St. Louis County Election Board's website. Voting absentee is simple! Read below to follow easy steps to make sure your voice is heard. 

There are 2 methods of voting absentee. 

1. In-Person 

You can walk into your local election board, show ID, and vote today. Here's how:

Until the day before the election (Monday, April 1 at 5PM) you can vote in-person at your local election board. There is no paperwork to sign. You simply need to show ID, select the reason you are voting absentee, and vote. 

St. Louis County: The County Election Board is located in St. Ann at 725 Northwest Plaza Dr. 314-615-1800. 
They are open M-F 8A-4:30P. The office will also open up from 9A-1P the 2 Saturdays before Election Day on Saturday, March 23 and Saturday, March 30. 

St. Louis City: The City Election Board is located downtown at 300 N Tucker Blvd. 314-622-4336
The City Election Board is open M-F 8A-5P. In-person absentee voting will be open the Saturday before the election from 9A-1P on Saturday, March 30. 

St. Charles: The St. Charles Election Board is located in St. Peters at 397 Turner Blvd. 636-949-7550
The St. Charles Election Board is open M-F 8A-5P. In-person absentee voting will be open the Saturday before the election from 9A-1P on Saturday, March 30. 

2. Mail Your Ballot

If you cannot absentee vote in-person, then your local election board will mail your ballot to you. This is a 2-step process. You first have to fill out an application to request an absentee ballot. Then, once your application is accepted, the election board will mail you a ballot and you can fill it out, seal it in the envelope they sent you, notarize it and mail it back. 

Step 1: Fill out an application to receive an absentee ballot. ***If your child is away from home, but is a registered voter in Missouri, they can vote absentee. In Missouri, a parent can legally fill out the absentee application for their children. Find your election board's application: 

STL County STL City -
Call (314) 622-3250 or (314) 622-3319
St. Charles 

In STL County, you can mail, fax, drop off or email the application back to the election board. For St. Charles, you will have to mail or drop it off at the office. 

The deadline to submit the absentee application is Wednesday, March 20. If you do not submit the request by then, then you can only vote absentee in-person. 

Step 2: Once your application is accepted, you will receive a ballot in the mail within 7 days. Fill it out and seal it back inside the envelope they send you. You must get the envelope notarized. This is to ensure that it really was you that filled out the ballot. Free notary services near you can be found on this website. They are usually available at banks, DMV offices, or most libraries. Once it's notarized, you can mail it back to your election board. Your absentee ballot will be cast and counted at 7PM on Election Day. 

MBA has found that, historically, the St. Louis Muslim community has a 7% voter turnout in non-presidential/non-midterm years. Last year in Rockwood, out of the 700 registered Muslims that live there, only 35 Muslims voted. If we do not change the rate at which we vote, then we will remain a politically irrelevant voting bloc. Even if you can't make it to vote on Election Day, you still have ample time to vote absentee. If you're at all able to, please do so. 

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to email me back at [email protected] If you need help getting to or from the election board, notary services or anything relating to the absentee voting process, give us a call at 314-462-2753 and someone from our team will get you where you need to go. 

Muslim Community Hosts 
Parkway School Board Forum - Sun, March 24

For the 2nd year, MBA is partnering with the Islamic Foundation to provide a forum for Parkway residents to hear from their candidates for school board. There are over 3,000 Muslims who live in the Parkway School District and several hundred Muslim students attend Parkway schools. Yet, each year, less than 200 Muslims vote in elections that decide our children's education.

Last year at this forum, there were more non-Muslims than Muslims in our own Masjid. Can we count on you to join us at the Islamic Foundation on Sunday, March 24 from 5-7pm? Stay up to date on news relating to this important event on our Facebook page.