Why doesn't a comprehensive political training program exist in Missouri?

Looking around this state, thousands of average citizens participate in the civic process every day. We reach out to our representatives, we march on our streets, we knock on doors and we make phone calls. But what program exists today that gives us the blueprint to run an effective campaign? What resources do we have that say "this is what building you file for office in" or "here are the most important target groups to earn support from" or even "here's actually how you raise some money"? 

Muslims for a Better America is proud to announce our Campaign Training Academy launching September 2019.

It’s Missouri’s only 6 week, ten class training course taught by local, bipartisan political experts from across Missouri covering how to successfully run a campaign in Missouri. From field strategy to communications to donor cultivation, MBA is committed to provide a uniquely local training to empower grassroots campaigns. The application period opens on Saturday, June 29 at 9AM. Access the application here.

Check out this helpful video where our Executive Director talks with The Pulse of St. Louis about the Academy!

How can I apply?

The application period will open up on Saturday, June 29th at 9AM. It can be accessed here and you can submit it right through our website. Once the application period closes on September 13th, MBA's Board of Directors will select the applicants that best fit the mission and vision of our organization. 


The trainings will all take place on weekends, starting Saturday, September 21 and ending on Sunday, October 27. Each weekend, we will cover a different topic integral to running an effective campaign. Every student is expected to attend each training session. Each class will be 4 hours long and will feature guest presentations and lectures from local, bipartisan experts in that week's topic. 

• 6-week Fellowship with a total of 10 days of trainings
• Fellows will be evenly divided into their Projects Groups, in which they will complete weekly exercises in correlation with the curriculum that will ultimately cumulate into the foundation of their group’s capstone project.
• Each Project Group will develop a Strategic Campaign Plan that they will present to the rest of their class as their capstone project.
• MBA’s training academy will cultivate a set of LOCAL political professionals (consultants, strategists and elected officials alike) in the region to provide specialized training on the nature of how to win in local elections.


Accepted students will pay a nonrefundable $250 tuition for the entirety of the program. That's only $25/class!

Who can apply?

Anyone who is interested in bettering their community and learning from the experts. We want activists, people who are passionate about their beliefs. It does not matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or anything in between. At MBA, our main mission is to increase civic participation within our community and we believe offering this type of targeted training will help us achieve that goal. 

Curriculum Outline

1. Week 1 – Orientation and Getting Started (2 days)

a. Orientation (1-2 hours - Saturday, September 21)
i. Personal effects of running
ii. Which office to run for
iii. Sacrifices you’ll have to make, etc.

b. Getting Started (4 hours – Sunday, September 22)
i. Launching a Campaign
ii. Volunteer and Donor Recruitment
iii. “Validators”

4. Week 4 – Field Strategy (2 days)

a. Vote Goal – 2hrs – Saturday, October 12
b. Database Training – 2hrs – Saturday, October 12
c. Canvassing Tactics – 4hrs – Sunday, October 13




2. Week 2 – Fundraising (2 days)

a. Budget/Compliance – 4hrs – Saturday, September 28
b. Fundraising Plan –2hrs – Saturday, September 28
c. Making the actual money – 2hrs - Sunday, September 29

5. Week 5 – Campaign Fundamentals (2 days)

a. Campaign Events – 2hrs – Saturday, October 19
b. Strategic Calendar – 2hrs – Saturday, October 19
c. Coalition Building – 4hrs – Sunday, October 20

3. Week 3 – Communications (3 days)

a. Crafting the message – 4hrs - Friday, October 4
b. Communications Plan –4hrs – Saturday, October 5
c. Digital 101 – 4hrs – Sunday, October 6

6. Week 6 – Campaign Plan Presentations

a. Presentations – 2hrs - Saturday, October 26
b. Presentations - 2hrs - Sunday, October 27


- Full day trainings will be 4 hours long. ½ day topics will be combined to make for 1 full day of training
- Local experts in each week’s topic will be invited to give 1-2-hour presentations on designated training days
- 1 Trainer will be the overall teacher and organizer behind the Academy
- Students will be divided into Capstone groups to present Campaign Plans at the end of training
- Given access to MBA’s actual voter database to implement the tools they learn

We'd like to thank our sponsors:
Crescent Home Health Agency
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