House District 101

State House District 101- Chesterfield Valley, Clarkson Valley

Genevieve Steidtmann

  • Owner of consulting firm - G Ink. 
  • Co-Chair Missouri Courage Scholarship

1. Do you believe America is becoming more hostile towards American-Muslims and immigrants?

It feels that way sometimes. Obviously that attitude changed on 9/11 regardless of how unfair that is. I believe things improved under my personal hero, President Obama, but with Trump spouting unfounded lies and hate from the White House, that has not helped the situation. We need to work on this. 

2. Should private schools enforce policy preventing certain religious attire, i.e. hijabs, yamakas, headscarves, etc.?

I believe religious attire should be up to the individual / family and should not be dictated by the government, schools, etc. That said, private schools are hard because they are private organizations so they have a right to have their own rules. I would hope sensitivity would override rigid rules.

3. Do you believe that law enforcement and public employees should receive sensitivity training, including training regarding race, gender and religious preference?

Definitely. There is a lot of work to do with both law enforcement and in the overall justice system in the areas of sensitivity, tolerance, and understanding -- all resulting in fewer escalations and more care in police and justice system interactions.

4. Upon request, should public school systems grant space on-campus for K-12 students of any faith for private prayer?

Yes. As long as everyone has the same opportunity.

5. One of the best ways to gain familiarity with the local Muslim community is by attending public dinners during the month of Ramadan. Will you commit to attending one of these dinners in or near your district?

I would be honored. 

6. Did you support the Trump administration’s current version of the Travel Ban?

Absolutely not!

7. Should employers be able to restrict religious attire or religious practice within the workplace?

Again, this gets back to my response related to private school. As a consultant with over 50 clients in the past 18 years, I've seen lots of different approaches to this issue. The most successful, most employee-friendly, approach has been to be very respectful and sensitive about these issues and allow the employees to do what feels best to them. 

8. As an Elected Official, will you commit to denouncing anti-Muslim hate speech and hate-crimes when and if they occur in Missouri?

Absolutely! Hate speech of any kind, against Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, LGBTQ people is completely unacceptable. 

9. Do you believe Muslim refugees pose a security threat to the United States?

Definitely not. America should be a safe haven for refugees of all backgrounds.