House District 87

State House District 87- Clayton, Richmond Heights, Maplewood

Ian Mackey

  • Former early childhood teacher
  • JD, worked at St. Louis City Circuit Attorney's Office and Arch City Defenders

1. Do you believe America is becoming more hostile towards American-Muslims and immigrants?

It's hard for me to say as someone who is not an immigrant or a Muslim. I don't experience it. I'm interested in hearing from those who do. From my perspective we seemed to be in a hostile environment following 9-11 that seemed to heal over time until the election of Donald Trump. It's tough to diagnose where we are at this point historically, but I know enough to know it's not ideal. 

2. Should private schools enforce policy preventing certain religious attire, i.e. hijabs, yamakas, headscarves, etc.?


3. Do you believe that law enforcement and public employees should receive sensitivity training, including training regarding race, gender and religious preference?


4. Upon request, should public school systems grant space on-campus for K-12 students of any faith for private prayer?


5. One of the best ways to gain familiarity with the local Muslim community is by attending public dinners during the month of Ramadan. Will you commit to attending one of these dinners in or near your district?

Yes! Send me an invite. 

6. Did you support the Trump administration’s current version of the Travel Ban?

Absolutely not!

7. Should employers be able to restrict religious attire or religious practice within the workplace?


8. As an Elected Official, will you commit to denouncing anti-Muslim hate speech and hate-crimes when and if they occur in Missouri?


9. Do you believe Muslim refugees pose a security threat to the United States?

Simply because they're Muslim and refugees, of course not. Certainly I agree everyone who enters the country is subject to security screenings, interviews, etc. but a blanket ban on travel from specific countries and/or religions is racist and wrong.