House District 89

State House District 89- Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ladue, T&C

Kevin Fitzgerald

  • Retired asbestos worker
  • Labor activist

1. Do you believe America is becoming more hostile towards American-Muslims and immigrants?

I don't know if it is more hostile, or that, with the current republican attitude.....{and YES, I attribute this to the republican party}, of intolerance, bigotry, in both our state, and federal is more allowable, and safe to acknowledge, display, and act on, said hostility. And this applies to a few groups, subcultures. I believe that our ever dismantling of gun legislation/regulation...particularly in our state, Missouri...and our irresponsible legislation such as "Stand Your Ground" contribute to this hostile environment, as well. 

2. Should private schools enforce policy preventing certain religious attire, i.e. hijabs, yamakas, headscarves, etc.?

This one is a bit complicated? I did attend, for a few years, a private school. We had a "uniform".  W/o  talking to private school administrators just yet.....I would say that I could not see why a student could not wear a hijab, headscarve, yamaka? I'm thinking that as long as the school "uniform" was not compromised, {and I don't see any headpiece doing so}. 

3. Do you believe that law enforcement and public employees should receive sensitivity training, including training regarding race, gender and religious preference?


4. Upon request, should public school systems grant space on-campus for K-12 students of any faith for private prayer?

I am a firm believer in separation of church, and state. Having said this, again, I would have to see specifics. If the prayer session was not mandatory, if it was in a private space, and if it wasn't on official school time....{say, if students chose to do so on their lunch hour}, I could be in agreement. 

5. One of the best ways to gain familiarity with the local Muslim community is by attending public dinners during the month of Ramadan. Will you commit to attending one of these dinners in or near your district?

I will, and again, have already. Enjoyed it a great deal. 

6. Did you support the Trump administration’s current version of the Travel Ban?

NO. I attended a discussion by Jim Hacking at the mosque about this. I support very little, if anything, that trump does. Sorry, if I'm a bit crude. This man, and his followers are responsible for much of our social ills at this point in time. 

7. Should employers be able to restrict religious attire or religious practice within the workplace?

Not if it's an arbitrary that any certain type of garment would not present a danger. Example........I worked construction for 30 years, there is clothing that would be, inherently dangerous. And.....I'm not speaking of any certain type of ethnic dress in this example....certain shoes, loose clothing, of any type, can be dangerous on a construction site. Workers rights are one of my main issues, I would say that an employer should NOT be able to dictate clothing, if there is not a "practical" reason to do so. Certainly not because he/she bases their decision on religious beliefs, opinion. 

8. As an Elected Official, will you commit to denouncing anti-Muslim hate speech and hate-crimes when and if they occur in Missouri?

Yes, I will. I already do, and have for some time. One of the many reasons that I chose to run, was to speak out, and about, issues that matter to me. Predominant among them is bigotry in all forms. 

9. Do you believe Muslim refugees pose a security threat to the United States?

No. Absolutely not.