House District 98

State House District 98- Ballwin, Ellisville, Wildwood, Fenton

Charles Triplett

  • Former Lindbergh High Social Studies teacher
  • Assistant Superintendent of Finance - Lindbergh School District

1. Do you believe America is becoming more hostile towards American-Muslims and immigrants?

Yes. The current administration has created a much more divisive and hostile atmosphere in the country. It is not the America I grew up in nor believe should exist. I know the majority of Americans have the same feelings, and we have to work together to get headed in the correct direction again.

2. Should private schools enforce policy preventing certain religious attire, i.e. hijabs, yamakas, headscarves, etc.?

Private schools have a unique status in our society. They are usually formed by like-minded groups that wish to promote a specific set of beliefs and customs, with relatively little oversight from government officials. The great thing is, no one is required to attend them.

3. Do you believe that law enforcement and public employees should receive sensitivity training, including training regarding race, gender and religious preference?

Yes. All of us could use more education about people who are different from ourselves but public servants have unique jobs that put us in touch with citizens from all walks of life. As such, we have a responsibility to understand who we are serving and to have an open mind as we serve them.

4. Upon request, should public school systems grant space on-campus for K-12 students of any faith for private prayer?

Yes. My understanding is that such requests by students are granted and is required by law. 

5. One of the best ways to gain familiarity with the local Muslim community is by attending public dinners during the month of Ramadan. Will you commit to attending one of these dinners in or near your district?

Yes. While Ramadan has passed for 2018, I look forward to sharing iftar and good conversation in May of next year.

6. Did you support the Trump administration’s current version of the Travel Ban?

No. The travel ban is too broad and too discriminatory.

7. Should employers be able to restrict religious attire or religious practice within the workplace?

Employers should be as accommodating as possible to religious attire and practice in the workplace. A few issues may need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis such as certain attire may cause safety issues near machinery. Certain practices may be disruptive in the general work setting such as incense burning or demonstrative prayer. 

8. As an Elected Official, will you commit to denouncing anti-Muslim hate speech and hate-crimes when and if they occur in Missouri?

As an elected official, just as I do as a private citizen, I will denounce all forms of hate speech and hate-crimes aimed at Muslims or anyone else. We should be able to lead our lives and contribute to our communities without worry of abuse or fear of crime.

9. Do you believe Muslim refugees pose a security threat to the United States?

No, not by simply being Muslim or a refugee. There may be individuals who pose threats to the U.S. among Muslims and among refugees but there are also threats to U.S. security which come from outside of these two groups. The majority of Muslim refugees are people seeking safety for themselves and a hopeful future for their children.